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Hey all! Welcome to my poetry corner! All these poems were written by me, for the exception of the last one, and I gave my friend Justin credit for it, hehe! These 1st poems, were wrote after the breakup between my ex boyfriend(Whom Im over now), what can I say, he inspired me.

I had a heart,
and it was true.
With it I thought I'd never part,
that changed the day I met you.
Your long black hair,
and your gorgeous brown eyes.
Uptil then, how I'd feel, I wasn't aware,
then all my feelings took me by suprise.
The first time you held my hand,
my world felt alright.
I wanted wisked off to another land,
where forever you'd hold me tight.
And our first kiss,
sent shivers down my spine.
I was overcome with bliss,
I wanted you to be forever mine.
You made me happy,
you made me smile.
Our talks about our future may've been sappy,
I wanted our time together to lastmore than a while.
When you said 'this is it',
I tried not to shead a tear.
My lip I then bit,
as you confirmed my worst fear.
Alone again, are the words that ran in my mind,
I didn't want it to be.
You were supposed to be the person I was meant to find.
how could you just up and leave me?
Our last time on the phone, I hid my pain,
for it I didn't want you to see.
My tears wanted to fall like rain,
as I wanted to plead 'Baby please come back to me'.
Now I know how you felt,
with your broken heart from HER.
We can't help how some things are delt,
we can only move on, and hope next time is better.
It took me a minuet to like you
an hour to love you,
and It'll take me forever to forget you.

A Piece Of My Heart
Many nights I've cried,
wondering why.
What did I do,
to make you say goodbye?
Was I not enough?
you left me confused.
Why did you keep me around?
Was I there to keep you amused.
Moving on seems inpossible,
it's taking so long.
I don't feel like myself,
I can't even listen to 'Bring me to life' because it was our song.
Im told to forget about you,
that it'd be good.
BUT I can't bring myself to,
even though I should.
Part of me will always love you,
it's something I can't shake.
You threw me into a nightmare,
and it feels like I'll never awake.
Don't think that I hate you,
it's never crossed my mind.
Even though I feel hurt,
hate from me is something you'll never find.
You left me with a void inside,
along with memories I can't erase.
I don't know what to do with the hole,
on my own, it's something I can't replace.
I still want you in my life,
as crazy as it may be.
Just to know you're there,
I don't want you to be the one that I'll never see.
I've been missing you like crazy,
and it's sad we had to part.
Just remember eventhough what happened,
you'll always own a piece of my heart.

You said forever,
untill the day you die.
Looking back on it now,
did you know that it was a lie?
I gave all I had,
and got a broken heart.
Did you see this coming?
Did you know from the start?
You don't seem to care,
you probably never shedded a tear.
You have no idea what you left me with,
giving my heart away now has become a fear.
I was there for you,
my feelings were never reserved.
Now tell me baby,
the way you treated me, was it something I deserved?
You said you never cheated,
and I do believe you.
Then you started to ignore me,
how was I supposed to take that? What was I to do?
You're probably telling yourself,
that everything's okay.
Is that what you're doing?
to get yourself through each day?
I can't help I still love you,
and your silence is killing me.
What happened to the man I loved?
so gentle, so kind, so free.
One day I will love again,
although I don't know when that day will be.
I guess what makes me OK when it came to us,
is that deep down you really cared about me.

No One Knows
My heart is a mess,
my mind is confused.
I have feelings of distress,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.
I long for your smile,
or a simple touch.
Haven't seen nor felt neither in a while,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.
I want to scream,
and I hide it well.
Im in a terrible dream,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.
I think of you often,
and what we could've been.
There's a wall I've put up that only you can soften,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.
My heart wants to heal,
and not be broken.
Everything doesn't seem real,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.
I know Im not the same,
a part of me was lost when you left.
I feel like Im to blame,
no one knows how I feel, because I have everyone fooled.

Not Right
My world started to collapse,
and my vision to blur.
I'd lost the one I loved,
and my best friend I was sure.
Things are different,
my days are now dark like night.
I sorta saw it coming,
so I held onto us with all my might.
I know you didn't mean to,
but my heart you did break.
Although deep down inside me,
my love for you I will never forsake.
At one point I belonged to you,
for you were my one and only.
Now that time is gone,
and it's left me sad and lonely.
Please pick up the pieces,
Im broke because of you.
You can make things better,
you know just what to do.
Although something tells me you won't,
I know you want me to just go away.
I don't regret being with you,
I don't regret one single day.


(A song I wrote)
I Turn to You
Everytime Im lonely and sad,
when everything seems to go wrong.
You tell me it's not that bad,
and life will be better when I move on.
You have my back and never doubt,
even when it looks dark.
From my hole you helped me out,
now I've found my inner spark.
I turn to you,
when it gets rough.
And I turn to you,
when Im just not tough enough.
You've helped me through the day,
like you always do.
When I've gone and lost my way,
I know you'll help carry me through.
I turn to you,
when it gets rough.
And I turn to you,
when Im just not tough enough.
Im the one you can turn to,
when your road gets rough.
And Im the one you can turn to,
when you're just not tough enough.

Deep down I have my inner strength.
I have things that I want to say.
I probably can't rely on you.
I know what I have to do.
Everyone's beautiful inside and out.
Faith in yourself you shouldn't doubt.
No girl needs a guy to make life fair.
Because odds are he won't even care.
Hey girls, this is what you have to do.
Listen to yourself, because all you have is you.


A Special Friendship(For my friend Robyn)

You were a Godsend from above,

Blessing me with your friendship and your love.

With your heart so big and your smile so kind,

You could brighten the dark corners of anyone's mind.

You're the big sister I never had,

You're always the to make me feel better when I feel sad.

You're there for when I need advice, someone to talk to,

And you almost always know just what I should do.

I have a connection with you I've never felt before,

It's like you came into my life and opened up a new door.

You're someone I truley look up to, just the way you are.

Eventhough the distance with us is semi far.

Friends grow, some then move apart,

That's not true with us, because we hit it off from the start.

Just remember, our friedship is something I treasure,

And you're a friend I hope I have forever.

If for some reason we DO grow apart,

A piece of you will forever be embedded into my heart.

That's why I feel we have a special friendship.

A Poem for Micah

You were there for me when I felt sad
And basically everyother time
You were my ray of sunlight t
Through the thunder clouds in my life

Right now I only know one thing
Which is that your death was not in vain
You went out and did what God inteneded for you to do
You brought joy and happiness into the lives of those you knew

There alot of things that I wanted to tell you
Things I thought I had forever to say
Like how I deeply cared about you
I would've told you, but I was afraid of what you would've said

Now I feel as if Im in a nightmare
That I'll wake up, go to school and see you there
Everytime I think that, reality takes his cold hand and slaps me in the face
I can't bear the fact Micah, that I'll never see you again

Although that's not entirely true
I will see you one more time and an eternity after
Then I start to wonder how long it would be
Hours, days, months or even years

I can't hardly imagine living years without you
I think about how we get the privilege of living while you don't
People say God stole your life
Truth is, God doesn't steal, he had you first

We only borrowed you, we had our time
Now He's ready for his, whether we like it or not
All I can do is thank God for letting me know you
I can only imagine what my life would've been without you in it

I know you're up in heaven, smiling down on us
Maybe even laughing to yourself
Wondring why we're making a fuss over lil ole Micah
The fact is, we have no other way of dealing with it

We ALL love you Micah, I love you
And I only your sweet face is the first one I see when I get to heaven
Because I wound'nt want it any other way
No one will ever take your place
You are now and forever my angel

A Year

You've been gone, I've learned to cope,
It's been a year.
If I cry, I can't stop,
So I try not to shed a tear.

Things are different, not the same,
Everything is still.
I haven't even heard your name,
But I know you going home was God's will.

You made us smile when you were here,
You were our ray of sunlight.
You helped us forget our fears,
With your smile oh so bright.

Not seeing you is not that bad,
You may wonder why.
Surely remember it's not sad,
Because your smile we see when we look towards the sky.

Watch over us while flying with your angel wings.
Or sitting upon your cloud.
Remember all the little things,
That you did to make us proud.

I wrote this for someone;)
Lonely Boy
You sit in your room alone
wondering about the days events
you get bored and pick up the phone
I pick up when it rings
you say Im a lonely boy
I listen to your voice only to hear it shake
I ask if you're alright, you reply "when from this nightmare will I awake?"
Im thrown back by your question so I sigh
I didn't know you were a lonely boy
You say you don't feel right.I shake my head
You say you've lost track of the good in sight
your heart and soul feel dead
You're a lonely boy
I start to speak true
Im here if you need to talk
I won't judge whatever you say or do
please listen and try to understand
Whenver you feel lonely
take my hand
Things will be alright, Lonely boy

Look at me

What do you see, when you look at me?
something you want, deep down you know.
If only I could make you see,
This love for you will never go.

If only I could make you smile,
maybe not for long.
For just a little while,
then you'll realize how I feel is not wrong.

If only you look beyond the outside,
It's what is in me that wants to show you how.
That I will love you,
If you you stay with me right now.

But if fate does not go my way,
and you choose not to love me.
I will have to wait for another day.
For then the real me you will see.

I am...

a dwarf
a young woman
who wants to be taken seriously
a person who can think for herself
My parents firstborn child
an oldest child
an older sibling to my younger sisters
a miracle baby
a child of GOD'S
full of life
determined to make something of my life
a nice person
someone who likes to be loved
someone who wants a boy to love her
the girl who didn't date in HS
the one you can talk to
the one one who knew almost everyone
the one you didn't notice in the hallways
too nice
the girl who would always smile at you
the one you tell your secrets to
my parents daughter
Someone who doesn't mind wearing braces
the fourth oldest grandchild on my dads' side
the creator of this profile
and I am me!


Sometimes I wish you could see,
past my outside and into me.
I do not like it when people stare,
sometimes I wish it was because of my long brown hair.

But deep down I know what they sight,
not my long brown hair, but my short statured height.
I may be smaller But I am for a reason,
just like a certain flower will bloom in a certain season.

I love my body, for it is mine,
Im comfortable in my own skin, it suits me just fine.
Alot of times I feel helpless because Iam small,
But it is something I wouldn't change at all.

If you could live one day in my shoes,
there's an everyday battle with society I sometimes lose.
I fight a battle to get respect, and for people to just understand,
why do they look as me as different? Why can't we all just walk hand in hand?

I am a young woman, I have a heart and a mind,
if you took the time to know me, you'd find out Im very kind.
So Please listen to what I've said,
Im not a child, don't treat me like one, let that sink into your head.

Say what you mean
Your kind words I hear in my head,
things I thought I'd treasure.
Going through my mind as I lay in bed,
your feelings for me you felt to measure.

you made me feel special for a moment or two,
and it felt really nice.
Then you showed me the real you,
which didn't even suffice.

Run Away
I want to run away,
far away from here.
I wonder why I stay,
it is here I fear.
I want to run away,
that's how I feel inside.
Go ahead, don't listen to what I have to say,
My pain will eventually subside.
I want to run away,
somewhere really bright.
I know when Im faced with that day,
I'll walk toward the light.
I want to run away,
to get away from you.
From my path, you make me stray,
as a friend, you are not true.
I want to run away,
and leave you behind.
With me you cannot stay,
because you're finally out of my mind.

I Love You

There's something about you that I can't deny,

it just takes ahold of me.

It gives my soul the ability to fly,

and makes my heart feel free.


Whenever your skin touches mine,

it gives me tiny chills.

There's something about our love that's so devine,

it gives me a rush, and a sense of thrill.


I want to always be with you,

untill the end of time.

We'll see eachother through,

because Iam yours, and you are mine.


I'll love you for forever and a day,

and you know that's true.

Because out of all the people in the world,

I only want to be with you.


A Special Someone

Sometimes a special someone walks into your life,
amid all of your heartache and amid all of your strife.
Just when GOD is in the middle of his testing,
he throws you a curve and sends you a blessing.

This person comes into your life, without saying a word,
but among the silence, volumes are heard.
They listen patiently as you weep and cry,
telling you even though it's occurring, not to ask why.

They're ready to lend a shoulder, then lend an ear,
whatever you have bottled up, they're eager to hear.
When you've fallen, and you see no end in sight,
they're right there, pointing you towards the light.

When a special someone walks into your life,
amid all of your heartache and amid all of your strife.
Hold on to them, hold on to them tight,
hold on to them with all your might

Mental note: PLEASE do NOT take or copy my poems! I wrote them, therefore they belong to me. IF you want to use it, JUST ask me! Thank you very much!


This poem was written for me by my frind Justin(Thanks!!! I Love it!)
Haiku for Renee
Beautiful you are.
You write like a melody.
Are you an angel?
It's called a Haiku,it is a japanese or chinese(or some asian) type of poem... it has 3 lines.. first and last line have 5 syllables, and the 2nd line has 7 syllables. OR according to :
1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

~*More Poems to come later*~

Thse poems are MY OWN. All written by me. Don't copy them onto your page as your own! Ask me if you want to use them!

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