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~*Welcome to MY Journal*~

I've decided to post my journal somewhere else!, Click below to see it!!

April 23, 2003
 Hello!!! This is my 2nd website, B/C geocities SUCKS ass!!! Anyway! Welcome to my journal! Where I will inform you of stuff going on in my life!! WELL!! I pretty much have a car now!  A '94 Honda Accord Coup. A Lovely car! Perfect for my Summer trip!! LOL! Ummmmmm..... I SHOULD be up and driving by June!  College wise, I MISSED the deadline for OSU! GO FIGURE!!! Can't get in till January!! Maybe I can work on my writing, a friend says Im good @ it;) I think Im just gonna get into a Phlembotomy program at a hospital!! Anyway,There's not much more to talk about today!! I hope you enjoy your visit! And check back her often!!

April 24, 2003
I woke up to this IM thing from my friend Kev, poor guy!, it's not bad enough that he's not feeling good, BUT to scare himself shitless, LOL!
kevvie (7:37:37 AM): holy crap.
kevvie (7:37:58 AM): i just woke up out of a dead sleep, and looked at my clock.
kevvie (7:38:22 AM): i wasn't very tired, so i couldn't tell if i had slept a long time or not
kevvie (7:39:01 AM): and it scared me so bad, 'cause i thought that i had slept through my class.
kevvie (7:39:57 AM): i really didn't know, because none of my roommates are in here... which REALLY threw me off...
kevvie (7:40:06 AM): oh well... back to bed....
kevvie (7:40:47 AM): AHAHA
kevvie (7:41:05 AM): i just went in there, and saw that 2 of my roommates are still in bed
kevvie (7:41:12 AM): i just didn't see them
kevvie14 (7:41:15 AM): god..
kevvie (7:41:22 AM): hey-
kevvie (7:41:47 AM): i closed my window, can you send me this whole conversation back?
kevvie (7:42:07 AM): so i can put it in my livejournal
kevvie (7:42:14 AM): man.... weird morning............
kevvie(7:44:21 AM): nighty night again!!
Kev's Theory on the whole incident:"matt and i were abducted by aliens. when they tried to do the flashy-thing (like in Men in Black) to re-vamp our memories, they told us that we were waking up late. and matt thought it was a dream. he said that he was on his ex-girlfriend and looked at the clock and he realized he was 1/2 hour late for a class, and i freaked out... so i woke up"  Stranger shit has happened;)
Later,  ~*Renee*~

April 26, 2003
Hey all!!! it's 2:44 AM and Im still up!! GOD my sleeping is SOO cracked out! THEN again, I napped today! LOL! I had NO effin' idea how complicating getting a loan could be! Oh well, when it's done, My credit will have been started! Ummmmmmm.......... I checked my guestbook and saw a Mean Ass messege! Don't bother checking! It's already gone! Whatever!!! um.......I saw this cute quiz thing!!! it's called: What Kind of Guy is Stalking You?
These are my results: "Yay! You're extremely cute and innocent, and everyone loves you...including scary older men. Your stalker shows up at all your athletic events, ballet recitals and choir concerts to take pictures of you, which he pins up all over his room. Ask your mommy to put "pepper spray" on her shopping list, okey-dokey?"
Later,  ~*Renee*~


~*What kind of guy is stalking you*~

May 3, 2003
Today was a good one, and kinda weird! I got my tattoo finished! A lil "M" in the middle of my Dolphin heart! Im memory of my friend Micah, my angel:) Um.............I swallowed a barbell! I got a new one, was eating and swallowed the damn thing! GO FIGURE! The girl was nice enough to give me another one!! ummmmmmmm................. This is what happens when you go to download a movie online:(taken from my friend Kev's live journal!)
"omg....i'm trying to find a copy of The matrix reloaded. i found 2 different copies. It turns out that the first one was a copy of "fight club" (which is a excellent movie, btw) but it was named matrix reloaded. the second was named matrix reloaded, but it was really ICE AGE!! (which is also a really good movie) BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??? why do people do this??? i want to cry. all i want to do is see this fucking movie w/o paying for it. "
 I THEN Had this lil convo w/ him!
Kev(1:11:48 AM): I KNOW
Kev(1:11:50 AM): IT SUCKS
Me(1:11:54 AM): lol
Kev(1:12:09 AM): and i got some bernie mac movie from x2
Kev(1:12:20 AM): and a porno named x2
Kev(1:12:30 AM): and some other shit
Kev(1:12:34 AM): pisses me off
that's it for now!!! Later!!!  ~*Renee*~

May 6th, 2003
    Hey!!!!! well, Im in the process of moving into my NEW room(Toria's old room) Everything is moved except my computer!!! this room isn't as cluttered as my new one! I never realized how much stuff I have!!!! I had a nice day today! I slept through my alarm clock going off numerous times! Woke up @ 1:00pm, lounged around, and took my sister Victoria up town to eat dinner, so that's nice! I also took apart my computer tonight, and put it back together, put my music on, I don't know WHAT I did, my sound is SOOOOO much louder! I was like, WTF!!!!!!!!!! So, that's interesting!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I better go!!! Have a good one:)

May 13, 2003
   Hi!!!!! Well, I have my College stuff rolling!!! Im gonna apply to Marion Technical College for Phlembotomy(IF you don't know what that is, they work in the lab @ hospitals, taking blood and what not!). I have an guidance appt. on  June 2nd, THEN an admissions appt. June 4th. THEN my classes start on the 28th. SOOOO,,, Im excited! Im gonna be a lil College girl!!! HAHA!!!!! I MIGHT continue my schooling later in Nursing. Im not sure yet! THO Im leaning towards it, lol!!!! And the car thing is moving, SLOWLY, but surely!!! I'll update later!!!