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Me (1:15:13 PM): Hey hun, how are ya?
Bryan (1:15:23 PM): tired
Bryan (1:15:24 PM): you?
Me (1:15:31 PM): Mad at myself
Bryan (1:15:35 PM): why?
Bryan (1:15:39 PM): what did you do?
Me (1:15:44 PM): Bryan, I can't work the toaster!
Me (1:15:50 PM): it's a damn high tech one
Bryan (1:15:53 PM): lol
Bryan (1:15:56 PM): lmao
Bryan (1:15:57 PM): oooooh
Bryan (1:15:59 PM): that's funny

Me: I'd have the urge to shove her into that fireplace
Debs: lmao
Debs: why
Debs: for her look at me I'm a slut pose?
Me: lmfao
Me: Exactly
Me: hahaha

Fi: o gurl dont keep thinkin about it ur only doin ur head in and he isnt givin a rats arse
Fi: lol
Me: hehehe
Me: I love that word, arse
Fi: lol
Me: why don't american's use it?
Fi: because u all pretend to b to polite
Fi: when really u need a good kick up the arse LOL

Sophie: Guys want to be wanted by EVERYONE... and they're willing to give it up like  nobodies' business!
Me: LMAO,soooooooooo true!
(we were talking about how some guys can just screw around w/ girls and not even care!)

Me: Hey
Meggy: hi. We just painted the rock
Me: awwww
Me: how sweet!
Meggy: sweet?
Meggy: haha
me: lol
Meggy: how?
Meggy: haha
Me: No clue
Me: lol
Meggy: lol
Meggy: ok you've lost it
Me: barely
Meggy: haha

Me: IF I had balls, I'd give my right nut to be able to talk to him whenever I wanted
Meggy: LMFAO
Me: lmao
Me: I know
Meggy: O boy you're somethin' else girl
Me: I try
Meggy: lol
Meggy: *hugs*

Jess(10:32:34 PM): woah his head looks huge there.
Jess(10:32:34 PM): lol
Me(10:34:37 PM): hahahaha
Me(10:34:38 PM): LMAO
Jess(10:34:47 PM): doesnt itt???
Jess(10:34:48 PM): loll
Me(10:34:59 PM): Im not concentrating on his head
Me(10:35:03 PM): not that one anyway
Jess(10:35:12 PM): lmao
Jess(10:35:14 PM): i love you omg
Me(10:35:14 PM): OMFG! Im terrible
Me(10:35:15 PM): LOL
Me(10:35:21 PM): I love you too
Me(10:35:22 PM): ahahaha
Me(10:35:29 PM): :-D

Me: Michigan ready to have their ass kicked saturday?
Lorenzo: is ohio st ready to get stomped and sent home with their helmets in their assholes?
Me: lmfao
Lorenzo: better take that shit back across the boarder
Me: it's OK, you can't hlep that your team sucks
Me: the sooner U become an OSU fan, the better off you'll be

Me: What's up Hotstuff?
Bonnie: lol
Me: I love that movie
Me: LOL'
Bonnie: lol 16 candles?
Me: Long ding dong or something
Bonnie: LOL
Me: yeah
Bonnie: Long Duck Dong
Bonnie: LOL:
me: lmfao
Me: close enough
Bonnie: fukkin great
Bonnie: lol
Me: ahahaha
Bonnie: hehehr
Me: I wanna use that
Me: ahahaha
Bonnie: lake big lake
Bonnie: lol
Me: I have a piccy for U
Bonnie: Dong where is my automobile
Bonnie: ok!
Bonnie: lmao
Me: lol
Me: U know I've never seen the whole movie
Bonnie: automobile????? crashhh pshhhhh boomkms lake...big lake
Me: lol
Bonnie: cooooooooool

kevvie(1:53:58 AM): well... at least you SORTA spell it right
Auto response from Me (1:53:58 AM): Quoting -SexyKevvie- "g2p" BRB!!!
kevvie(1:54:14 AM): some people spell it Sexy Kevvy
kevvie(1:54:20 AM): that makes me mad, sometimes
kevvie(1:54:25 AM): it's sexykevvie
kevvie(1:54:28 AM): one word
kevvie(1:54:32 AM): no caps
kevvie(1:54:35 AM): :D
kevvie(1:54:37 AM): :-D
kevvie(1:54:39 AM): hehe
kevvie(1:54:57 AM): aren't you done yet?
kevvie(1:55:11 AM): WTF
kevvie(1:55:19 AM): I DON'T TAKE THIS LONG, DO IT?
kevvie(1:55:21 AM): I?
kevvie(1:55:32 AM): i didn't THINK so
kevvie(1:56:08 AM): OMFG
me(1:56:12 AM): 15 messeges?!
kevvie(1:56:36 AM): :-D
me(1:56:41 AM): Im making a new section
me(1:56:44 AM): Crazy IM's
me(1:56:48 AM): this is going in it
kevvie(1:56:49 AM): did you read them?
kevvie(1:56:51 AM): ok
kevvie(1:56:52 AM): lol
me(1:56:55 AM): yeah
kevvie(1:57:01 AM): rotf

Me(4:25:40 AM): you still have Yahoo?
Lo (4:25:47 AM): yea
Me (4:25:51 AM): what is it?
Lo (4:25:54 AM): somewhere on here
Lo (4:25:56 AM): *********
Me (4:25:57 AM): I had you
Me (4:26:03 AM): BUT you probably pissed me off
Lo (4:26:05 AM): and deleted me when you got pissed
Lo (4:26:06 AM): lol
Me (4:26:10 AM): so, I deleted ya
Lo (4:26:11 AM): yea i know thats what i was thinkin
Lo (4:26:12 AM): lol
Me (4:26:15 AM): sorry
Me (4:26:18 AM): like I said
Lo (4:26:20 AM): i think i did the same.......
Me (4:26:21 AM): I don't take shit
Lo (4:26:22 AM): what is yours?
Lo (4:26:27 AM): lol
Me (4:26:27 AM): *******

Crys : cause LP throats are narrower than big people throats.
me: lol
Crys : which is unfortunate for any guy who wants to get oral sex from you!

Ashley(3:16:25 AM): mauh
Me(3:17:01 AM): Mwah baby
Ashley(3:17:14 AM): you know how i like it
Me(3:17:25 AM): LP dwarfy style
Me(3:17:27 AM): YUP
Ashley(3:17:33 AM): lol
Me: Hey you sexy beast you
Mikey:whoz dis
Mikey:Renae nay!
Fiona:u got any lp mates online i dont know u can introduce me to LOL
Fiona:hows the packin goin?
Me:Im not enough LP girlie for ya?
Fiona:lol OMG u r funny
Fiona:some hot spunky guys hehe
Me:kat called me a hoe
Bonz:and shes the one that wants to dop porn hmmmmmmm
Me: mom likes it tho
Me: I know
Me:and even sleeps in a g-string
Me:gota love the midgy men

Me: feel confident to take my quiz?
Mikey: oh yea!
Me: ~* You think you know, BUT you probably have no idea*~
Mikey: aw shit
Mikey: well i'm in second place!
Me: wow