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My Faves

Color~ RED
Animal~ Dolphin
Food~ Fish
Feature on MY body~ Eyes
Childhood toy~ My cow, Elsi-lola
Pick up line~ Did it hurt when U fell from Heaven?
Ice-Cream Flavor~ Chocolate
Movie of all time~ Titanic, I LOVE that movie!
Disney Cartoon: The little Mermaid
Disney Movie: Tuck Everlasting
Boy-band~ DUH, The Backstreet Boys(Come on,tell me you didn't see that one coming!)
Song~ "MMMBOP" Hanson(I know! BUT I love that song!!!)
Last song I've downloaded~ "Losing grip" ~ Avril Lavigne
Music~ Pop(Im a pop princess!!!) Anything BSB, or Boybandish! LOL!!
You'd be suprised to know~ I love to listen to classical music, it's VERY relaxing!! Helps de-stress my day!!
People~ My crazy family!
Actress~ Sandra Bullock(I love all of her movies!!!)
Actor~ Brad Pitt baby!!!!!
Scent~ Women- Adidas moves for her,Curve, Tommy Girl----Men-Adidas, Tommy Boy
TV Shows~ 7th Heaven, CSI(That Little people episode was great!)
Fave Feeling~ Knowing that ppl care about me:)
Faith~ Im a Christian and YES, I DO HAVE Faith in GOD! If it wasn't for HIM I wouldn't be here. I may not go to church like alot of Christians, BUT my faith is here!

What I look for in a guy
I'd like him to be tall(I want to feel safe), Sweet, open~minded, careing, doesn't have to be hot to other people(he'd be hot to me), someone who loves me for me.