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*Disclaimer* ~*PLEASE READ*~
Kevvie is NOT my boyfriend, haha! We're just good friends, nothing more, nothing less!!!!

OK, This page is about Kevvie, AKA: "sexykevvie". why Im making this page, I have NO damn idea. The guy just gets to me like no other, haha!
here's his info: He's 19, goes to OSU, is my nightcall boy(Im his nightcall girl), corrects my spelling when I don't catch it quick enough!, uses this"....." alot, we're up talking ALMOST all night~ every night,makes me smile,hates it when people type"UR, U,r, iz, ppl, l8r", b/c of him, I don't use those, haha!,has cute away messeges, Makes me laugh B/c he's SOOO damn funny, hung up on his ex , can be narrowminded, BUT I luv 'em anyway, will fall madly in love with me when he sees me again, no matter WHAT he says, can brighten my mood for just being himself, we met @ a church lock~in  around October 30, 1999, stayed up all night talk when the others were sleeping,Swears UP AND DOWN I made him write me a letter, haha!, we were Mary and Joseph in the Christmas play(is suffering from "CRS", b/c he doesn't remember), haven't seen eachother in 3 yrs, is tall, not to mention really cute, has a sexy voice, BUT GOD forbid him ever call me!, Will get around to kissing me eventually ,says Im a good writer, really likes my poem "me",graduated the same year as me, is easy to talk to, doesn't realize how into him I actually am, LOVES Band camp, really likes my webpage,WILL accept my height, IF I have to beat it into his damn head!, LOVES milk, blood type is O positive, he thinks Im funny sometimes and plain out retarded other times(THX kevvie, luv U too!), I wrote the poem "Lonely boy" for and about him, he finds me somewhat attractive(whatever the hell that means), his friends will see this and be like "WHY in the hell are you NOT with this girl? Are you DENSE?!", says I'll never get IT right, and is one of the sweetest guys I know!
And that is my sexykevvie!!!! (By the way, he even spell checked this for me, haha!)I'll get a pic later!!!